John Haskell, c. 2008
John Haskell was born on April 4, 1985 in Syracuse, NY to the happy surprise of his loving parents, Margaret and Bob Haskell.  

John spent much of his childhood growing up in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia before he and his family relocated to upstate New York.  

At age 18, John Haskell began attending Trinity University in San Antonio, TX.  He spent 4.5 years there pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Latin.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude and was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honors fraternity.  

After his academically illustrious college career, John moved to New York City to begin his work with Teach For America.  After suffering through the ridiculously rigorous training program and realizing that it is a crazy organization, John left the program and began his calling as a New York City waiter.  He currently works at the Bryant Park Grill with his older brother, Matt.

John has studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City, frequently posts videos online including his series Uptight Larry and his comic Carl & Sam, and he is part of a two-man sketch comedy group with Arthur Meyer called Two Fun Men.  Two Fun Men has performed at the New York, Austin, and Chicago sketch comedy festivals and is a fun group that has fun.  

He hopes to somehow achieve success through his "comedic" work, but if he does not, hopefully he can find a suitable career that will afford him the luxury of being able to raise a family (with a great wife and kids) without having to worry about finances so that he can take them on vacations and buy them great Christmas presents.  He currently works as a sketch writer at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.